Waving my magic wand #28daysofwriting

Image credit: Trekking the grass lands by David J. CC Licensed on Flickr. With Tom now living in Australia it was probably to be expected that many of the first #28daysofwriting blog posts I read were from Australian and New Zealand teachers who were starting their new academic year alongside their new calendar year. I […]

What do I pass on?

Sometimes, if I get stuck on something, I’ll write out a blog post. They usually descend into stream of consciousness and I either find a solution or get a headache and stop. Either way I usually then delete the post. This time I’m going to publish it. Partly because it fits in with the stuff […]

Joining the dots in my crystal ball – Using Open Badges to accredit Digital Literacies with Hwb

Some thoughts… 1. I commented on one of the things that impressed me most about the plans for Hwb was how it joined the dots between a number of existing plans and technologies. 2. The previous week the National Qualifications Review recommended that: R28  The Welsh Government should work with awarding organisations and stakeholders to […]

A conversation with myself

For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to make sense of a few ‘big issues’ around teaching, and my attitudes to it. Particularly issues around data, evaluation and how I know whether or not I’m doing ‘the right thing’. I’ve started and abandoned a series of posts on these issues, because they kept getting tangled up […]

Should we just say ‘well done’

I suspect that one of the changes in technique in recent years that has had the biggest impact on student achievement is a move away from ‘grading’ a piece of work to providing feedback – a key component of which is a target for how to improve. The adoption of this practice has (should have?) […]