Quick and easy ‘lollysticks’ for no hands up

The third in an occasional series of emails to staff with ‘elearning tips’. This is the last of the ones I’ve already sent. I’ll add the others to the blog as and when I send them. —- Dear all, In much of his work, Prof Dylan Wiliam makes a powerful case for moving to a […]

Creating an online space for your class

This is the second of the ‘e-learning update’ emails I sent. While it is written for Olchfa staff, it might be useful for someone out there, perhaps to adapt for your school. —- It’s never been easier to create an online space for your class(es) for any of a multitude of reasons. In this email […]

E-learning coordinator

Despite having some reservations about wanting to take on anything that took my focus away from the classroom, I am now the school’s E-learning coordinator. Part of my role will be organising CPD for those staff who have identified ICT as a performance management target. Rather than providing traditional ‘stand at the front, here’s how […]