ICT in Education – Swansea

This morning I’ll be presenting at the ICT in Education event at the Liberty Stadium in Swansea. I’ll be trying to share some of the lesson’s that we’ve learned over the last few years as we’ve embedded digital learning at Olchfa, and some of the tools that have proved to be particularly well received. The […]

The return of the blog!

I’ve been threatening to revive this for some time, but never seem to find the time – the backlog of half written posts became a bit of a millstone, the feeling that I had to post them before i added anything new. Stuff that. Time to start again. I’m going to try and post something […]

#TMSwansea – 16.05.13

  It’s a fairly well known fact that I am now an TeachMeet addict, so following the success of TMSwansea two years ago, and in attempt to get another hit of TeachMeet goodness, my school has agreed to host another of the events, this time on the 16th May If you’ve never been to a […]

Interim report on Welsh history and Curriculum Cymreig

Back in October of last year I was honoured (and a little surprised) to be asked to be a member of a group established by Leighton Andrews tasked with reviewing the teaching of Welsh history, the story of Wales and the Curriculum Cymreig We were asked to consider three questions: Whether the Curriculum Cymreig should […]

#TLAB 13 – Rebooting my teaching: Stealing ideas from primary schools and shaking up my secondary classroom

On 16th March I was lucky enough to be the excellent Teaching, Learning and Assessment conference organised by Nick Dennis at Berkhamsted school. Much to my bemusement, not only was I asked to run a session, but several people actually came along! You can see the Prezi embedded below (or click here), but I thought […]

A handful of quick ideas

Well, I blinked and half term vanished. There’s a pile of half finished posts here (along side the half finished lesson plans, powerpoints, marking and ironing), some of which I might get to soon. In the mean time I thought I might cheat and post an email I sent to one of our ex-PGCE students […]

Teachmeet Bett presentation

I’ve been lucky enough to get a ticket for the TeachMeet at BETT on Friday, and I’ve put my name down for a 2 minutes presentation. As we’ve been asked to provide materials in case we don’t get selected, I’m reserving this space now so I can pass the link on to the organisers. If […]