Moodle Training – sucesses so far

picture-5We’ve now done two out of our three training sessions on Moodle now, and the reaction has been very positive. Lots of people making the right noises, and lots already getting stuck in with some courses for next year.

The sessions were a little different that how I thought they would be when I last blogged. In particular:

  • Our idea of splitting people into two groups (beginner / intermediate) was scapped in favour of having one group with both of us available. As much of the course is self directed anyway, having both of us in the same place made more sense
  • In the end I settled on a generic paper guide, rather than one personalised by department. I just didn’t have the time to justify the extra work in the end

Feedback has been very positive, and I’ll come back to this topic with some more reflection when I have more time (whenever that will be!)

In the meantime, I thought I’d share the resources that we’ve put together so far. I’ve opened up both of the courses to guests, so you should be able to access them (although not all the linked courses, the county course for example continues to be our staff only as it’s not mine to give away). If you’d like copies of either or both, please do drop me a line.

The online Big Friendly Guide (inludes links to the training course, help forum and more introductory information)

VLE Intermediate (although as I said above, in the end this was the course everyone was using!)

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