WCYDWT: Losing your head

No idea what this is about? Read the intro post here.

What would you do with this picture?

Execution of Charles I

Follow up post – What I did with this here

8 thoughts on “WCYDWT: Losing your head

  1. Give them an outline copy. Ask students to draw speech bubbles and thought clouds to people in the picture and fill them in, explaining the different peoples’ attitudes Then we’d look at why they’re there and and what’s going on..
    Usually we go on to write a newspaper article on the execution and the Civil War

  2. @Neil – Wow! What a great idea. I’ll be dipping in to those posts and finding out more about how it worked.
    @Russel / @Dave – I like the ‘what were they thinking’ idea, especially the thought bubbles. I’ve seen Ben Walsh talk about it, but never really done it myself. One to try out this half term now. Thanks!

  3. Hi I produced an interactive power point where pupils could click on different scenes in the picture and it produced a zoomed in version of the particular scene. Really good at provoking discussion about the different reactions with an SEN group. I then did a similar task with speech bubbles but used the speech bubble post it notes you can get…always adds a bit of novelty!
    For a higher ability group I would have extended them by getting them to question the provenance of the source…What kind of person would paint this picture this way? There is a Dutch etching that is useful for drawing comparisons to. Let me know if you want a copy of the power point.

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