WCYDWT? #3 Castles

In some ways the first two ideas I’ve blogged about since I tried to hijack WCYDWT for my own nefarious history type purposes haven’t quite lived up to Dan’s Standard. They’re both good ways into lessons, and they both do a good job of creating interest in something that may not be (for many students) inherently interesting. However. they’re both limited in terms of the extent of the enquires that spring from them. [1. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you might want to start with this post. Go on, we’ll wait…]

You can probably infer, I’m quite proud of this next one, but that’s for tomorrow. In the meantime, what would you do with this?

Name Date Started Years to complete Cost (approx modern cost in brackets) Type Current State
Aberystwyth Castle 1277 12 £4,300 (£2,178,460) Concentric Ruin
Harlech Castle 1283 7 £8,190 (£4,149,217) Concentric Standing
Caernarfon Castle 1283 50 £22,000 (£11,145,640) Concentric Standing
Beaumaris Castle 1295 3 £14,400 (£7,730,352) Concentric Standing
Rhuddlan Castle 1277 3 £1,800 (£911,916) Concentric Standing
Ruthin Castle 1277 n/a (several phases) unknown Concentric Standing
Swansea Castle 1106 n/a (several phases) unknown Motte & Bailey / Stone Keep Ruin
Cardiff Castle 1091 n/a (several phases) unknown Motte & Bailey / Stone Keep Standing

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