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I’m sure many of you are already familar with Wallwisher and the various alternatives. I’ve used it a couple of times last year, but the thing that really impressed me today was how quickly I was able to set one up. 

In the middle of my year 12 lesson it became clear that it would be useful to have a more permanent record of the post-it note wall we’d created so I was able to create a new wall, add it to the VLE and show it off, all in five minutes.

I can see it being a huge hit with staff as it’s so easy to see what it does and so easy to integrate into what we already do.

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    1. Hi Reem,

      Not quite sure how you ended up here – this certainly wasn’t the web address you should have written down!!!

      You need to go to http://olchfa.org.uk/blogs/mrstacey and click on ‘7HM’ from the list on the right.

      Well done for trying to track me down and get a message to me – it shows a lot of initiative. If you see me tomorrow I’ll give you a merit!

      Mr S

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