Bear with me on this one…

If… Learning is self-driven, why am I trying to cram some into the gaps in a National Curriculum?

If… Learners need time to engage with and immerse themselves in learning, why does a bell sound in my class after 60 minutes to move them on?

If… Good relationships are key to learning, why am I teaching over 400 individuals this year?

No answers yet 1, but I’m increasingly feeling that I need to find a new way to do this.

Further reading: http://www.elearnspace.org/blog/2010/11/02/questions-im-no-longer-asking/

  1. Actually, lots of answers, but a few of them too scary to consider at the moment. Others (like move to Scotland or teach in an Opening Minds school) are just not practical right now

Dave Stacey

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