Wanted: Schools to link up with our year 7 classes

As part of next terms SMART unit looking at the idea of ‘community’, I’m trying to arrange eleven classes, ideally in eleven different countries, who would be willing to get involved in a small project linking their classes with one of our year 7 form groups.

Clearly I’m not the only one thinking along these lines, already this morning I see that Langwitches is trying to arrange 80 skype calls around the world!

I’m thinking more along the lines of emailing back and forth some questions, taking a few pictures or collaborating on a wiki page. For those who can, we’d love to Skype too, but I’m also keen to get to those classrooms where this simply isn’t practical.

If you think you could help out, please head over to the project wiki and leave your details, or email me at ds at olchfa dot org dot uk.

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