Things I need to remind myself of from time to time

As I start to ask around I start to think I might be more out on a limb with this project based thing that I had thought.

Here’s the thinking that got me out on that branch.

1. I can’t possibly teach them everything. History is too big!

2. Therefore it’s more important that they leave me enthusiatic and able to find out more for themsleves. Hopefully being slightly critical of everything they read and hear

3. I remember virtually nothing from my school lessons. This is also the case for almost everyone

4. My students recall very little in the way of ‘facts’ from year to year.

5. This presents me with two options.

a. cover far less, recap far more and test more often to ensure a smaller number of things stick. However, this is¬†incompatible¬†with #1 on this list. Which leaves me with –

b Let go of the obsession about whether every student can recall everything I tell them.

This leaves me in a place where I can launch students projects, sit back and help them learn, rather than worrying about if my teaching is sticking.



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