Where are we heading?

As well as sharing items from Google Reader, I have started saving specific quotes that stand out to me in a Tumblr.

This came from a post from Tuttle SVC, which I’m not subscribed to, but was shared by Bud Hunt, who’s shared items I subscribe to.

There is some pretty good research indicating that setting college as a goal rather than a career leads to bad decisions about post-secondary education and unfortunate outcomes after you get to college.

Two thoughts.

1. How obvious, and yet completely what we’re not doing in the UK secondary education sector. I’m going to try and shift the basis of the conversations I have with my students, particularly my sixth formers.

2. How strangely interconnected the world has become. And how important it is that we stop and try and take in both the things we read and the route by which we came to read them from time to time.

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