What would you add to Moodle?

Our school uses the Open Source software Moodle to power it’s website and the VLE behind it.

One of the many things I love about Moodle is how it can be customised to the needs of individual schools. We have our own look, based on the popular clouds theme (developed by Julian Ridden), and I’ve already tried out the feedback module with some success.

I’m working from home today to get all the courses set up for teachers to start adding content to this term. Each subject has decided on a starting structure (some have gone for a course per Key Stages, others one per year group) and I’m busy putting it all together. But as I was working I started wondering what else might be out there that would be of benefit to us that I don’t know about (yet).

So, if you’ve got a moodle, what module(s) would you suggest I look into adding?

6 thoughts on “What would you add to Moodle?

  1. Ok in no particular order:
    questionnaire module – like feedback only more detailed
    book module – makes mini-websites/linked pages/personalised pages
    audio recorder – record direct to Moodle – good for MFL
    MRBS- if you don’t have a room booking system already – good to have on Moodle
    games module – takes glossary/quiz entries and puts them into 8 different games (check out http://www.moodleblog.org/?p=68 ) Not as good as Content Generator though!
    Certificate Module – great for finishing courses or tasks – personalised certificates
    Sure I’ll think of more when I’ve hit submit!

  2. Mary’s are good. MRBS is a funny application that sits outside your moodle but connected to it’s user database.

    Most of the things I use are standard I think. Except lightbox which is a must for photos.

    I think the most important thing is to understand all the different methods of putting together courses using the basics and all the other web2.0 tools we tweet about. It’s a bit like IWBs – we all end up using them in the same way when what they are good at is variety.

    A list of files – lesson resources, exam papers and notes?
    A web page type approach full of text and images?
    Mix-up of simple online assignments and multiple file assignments?
    An embedded mindmap?
    A wordle (als embedded)?

    Lot’s of things to do but the question is how to do it? The pedagogy of the VLE delivery.

    Quick poll feature is awesome.

    Embedding Google forms creates a Google spreadsheet, which if already published (with automatic re-publish when changes are made) can be linked to and students can instantly see their responses making a difference? Hook that into a graph and you’re two steps away from genius? Maybe.

  3. I agree with all of the above and am now keen to get lightbox on our moodle. I have also started using google docs in moodle, especially the presentation module which embeds really well and their templates are getting a lot better.

    I have also used the database module (recommended by Mary) for peer assessment and that worked well. We are also in the process of installing the podcast module and also looking at using meta courses for multiple enrolment in various courses.

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