Catching fleeting time and ideas #28daysofwriting

Day two, and if I’m honest this is the kind of day where a blog post or two may have popped into my head, but I would have been unlikely to actually sit down and write it.

Lunchtime was a bust as I was training today and I had to reply to a bunch of emails, and get a few bits sorted for the afternoon session. So I’m grabbing some minutes now while the boys are eating their tea. I’m already wondering if my 28 minutes may end up coming in smaller parts that I stick together at the end of the day

I should do the lottery with my amazing powers of prediction. No sooner as I had hit the full stop key on that last sentence the ‘Dadi’ call went up. So, it’s now three hours later, and I’ve got another 18 minutes of (hopefully) uninterrupted writing time.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I was planning on keeping a note of some ideas for future posts, and I was interested to read that idea developed further in Oliver Quinlan’s post. He talks about the idea of growing an ‘ideas garden’ – an idea he originally took (as I did) from Doug Belshaw. But when I read’s about Doug’s, I somehow missed this part:

“a collection of draft blog posts that you come back to, adding pictures, further ideas, etc. until they form whole posts.”

Up until now I had just been keeping a list of ideas in a Google Doc, but the idea of actually growing and tending these, coming back to them over time until they grow into fully formed posts wasn’t something I’d really clocked before. Now I write that I wonder how I could have missed it – it is an ideas ‘garden’ after all, but miss it I did.

So I’m off to transfer my list from my Google Doc into a new notebook into Evernote. This will allow me to split half formed posts off from a list of ideas, and importantly I can just email ideas rather than having to locate, open and edit the document.

Hopefully it will ensure those half formed ideas I have while driving the highways and byways of Wales have a better chance of taking root somewhere, and I’m not going to hit a day later this month where I simply have no ideas to turn into my blog posts.


Image credit: Caught on the way down by Mike Bitzenhofer – cc Licenced via

4 thoughts on “Catching fleeting time and ideas #28daysofwriting

  1. Funny you should mention that – I’ve a pile of drafts and half finished posts that I have started and abandoned. Perhaps unwittingly I’ve already started a blog garden 🙂

  2. @Tom – Found putting it on my phone works better for me – not so in my face!
    @Ed – Sounds like it to me. My problem is my real garden tends to be full of weeds. Hopefully this online one will be easier to tend!

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