#28daysof writing – Day 7 (delayed) – If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all

I’m already 15 minutes in to today’s 28 minutes and I’ve just deleted everything I’ve just written.

Not because I didn’t think it was good (although it was far from my finest piece of writing), but because on reading it back I realised it was far too negative. I know the idea is that we just publish, but in this case I felt that hitting publish was, on balance, likely to cause more harm that good. So it’s gone.

Instead let’s ponder the idea of online spaces.

I have (among other things)

This blog
Two tumblr blogs (here and here)

A profile on Linked In (which I still don’t quite get)
A Google + page

My Twitter account

A Facebook account

These can roughly be considered in a continuum from ‘professional’ spaces at the top to ‘personal’ spaces at the bottom.

In addition I have Delicious and Diigo accounts (although neither used much any more), a Vimeo and Youtube account and two accounts on Flickr, all of which are in various states of disrepair. I also have several other blogs and websites kicking around on various domains

The Linked In and Google + pages are effectively just ways of either viewing content from other people, or pushing content from my own blog out to others.

The two tumblr blogs are used for storing quotes or blog posts I have found interesting

Twitter is where most of the my online interaction takes place and my blog is where most of my ‘original’ extended stuff goes. Both of these are open to anyone to view online, and comment on should they so wish. This is really important to me, and something I may come back to later.

Facebook on the other hand is private to people that I know and I’m happy to call friends. I will sometime post links there from my Twitter or my Blog, but never the other way around.

So there we are, a quick tour of my online spaces. Too many? Too few? How about you?

1 thought on “#28daysof writing – Day 7 (delayed) – If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all

  1. I’ve the same sort of pattern, don’t use FB much, and split my blogging between fairly sane and quite strange blogs. The online personal publishing space changes, fragments and turns so quickly that we are bound to abandon content here and there and be abandoned in turn (posterous). I wonder if it will eventually settle down or we are now in a continual state of flux. I am reading a lot of interesting stuff in medium, cowbird and the like but more attracted to the diy indieweb, own your own space, places.

    Enjoying your #28daysofwriting

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