Trello – Getting Organised. #28daysofwriting

I missed a few posts last week, but I’m keen to try and hit 28 posts in 28 days. So, I’m going to try and produce four short posts in the next 28 minutes to get me back on track.

Yes, I know it’s cheating…

I’ve never been the most organised person in the world (I can hear several people chuckling as they read this), but back in Olchfa I’d found a system that (mostly worked), but using a inbox zero approach using my school Gmail account, and Google Tasks.

In my new job we have Outlook Online and it doesn’t have many of those features I’ve got used to.

I’ve tried several systems, but the one I’m finding the best at the moment is based on a system called Trello which I found thanks to Doug Belshaw.

You can create a series of boards, with an many lists and cards as you want. Each card can have an expiry date set, and labels and checklists applied to it. Although I’m not using the function yet, it is also possible to collaborate on boards with other users.

How do you stay organised?

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