Cross curricular serendipity

Image credit: Serendipity by Laura Dantonio. CC Licensed on Flickr.

***File this under ‘when I rule the world’

One of the problems in secondary schools is that it’s hard for teachers to know what’s going on in other departments. Without that knowledge, opportunities to link learning across subjects can be missed.

It struck me that one way to overcome this would be to have each dept produce an A4 / A3 summary of their topic for each year groups for each half term. The sheets wouldn’t be too detailed – maybe an overview of the content covered and any assessment tasks planned.

These could then be put up around the staffroom (or similar space) for everyone to see what was being taught around the school. Hopefully this would trigger more of those ‘ooo. I didn’t know you were teaching that…’ conversations, more interdisciplinary learning could emerge and the world would be a better place.

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