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I’m currently seconded to the Hwb team in Welsh Government from Olchfa School in Swansea, where I was a teacher of History, ICT and the Welsh Bacc. I was also the school E-Learning Coordinator, having previously coordinated the school’s ‘SMART’ skills program.

Before training as a teacher in 2004 I had a variety of jobs at Aberystwyth University (including working in the Office for Widening Participation), Aberystwyth Guild of Students (including a year as President) and as a caretaker at my old school.

The work my year 13 students had done with online revision was recognised in our winning the inaugural ‘National Digital Learning Award’ in the post-16 category in June 2013.

This blog covers a range of topics, generally educationally related, that shift over time as my interests to. You can find a complete archeive of posts here.

You can often find me speaking at Teachmeets in South Wales, and I’ve developed workshops in the past for the Schools History Project Conference, Teaching Learning and Assessment Berkhamsted, Portal Training and SkyRocket Training.

As well as this blog, you can find me all over the internet, particularly in the following places:

Twitter: @davestacey

Google Plus: davestacey1978

LinkedIn: Dave Stacey

About.me: mrstacey

Delicious: davestacey

Diggo: davestacey

StaffRm – @davestacey

I occasionally collect quotes and other things of interest at mrstacey.tumblr.com

Since the demise of Google Reader I’m using Feedly and IFTTT to share articles that I read at ihavemostlybeenreading.tumblr.com



Last updated: Oct 2015

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