Moodle Training – sucesses so far

We’ve now done two out of our three training sessions on Moodle now, and the reaction has been very positive. Lots of people making the right noises, and lots already getting stuck in with some courses for next year. The sessions were a little different that how I thought they would be when I last […]

Pushing the VLE

We’re having a big push on the VLE during gain time. This involves: 1. I’ve set up courses for each department. As a basic they’ve got for each key stage they teach. In some cases we’ve done for one for each year group and where asked, we’ve done some for specific topics. They’ve all been […]

What would you add to Moodle?

Our school uses the Open Source software Moodle to power it’s website and the VLE behind it. One of the many things I love about Moodle is how it can be customised to the needs of individual schools. We have our own look, based on the popular clouds theme (developed by Julian Ridden), and I’ve […]