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After the veritable splurge of blog posts that was February while I was involved in Tom Barrett’s #28daysofwriting, things have pretty much dried up around here again. Much of March was focused on trying to comment on other people’s blogs (something I’ve actually kept up better than blogging) but it would appear that without some kind of external commitment, blogging just drops too far down the priority list.

Half term gives a chance for reflection and a reset, so today I’m going to start with an idea I’ve borrowed from Damian Bariexca – Don’t break the chain. The idea is (on paper) relatively simple. I’m going to post something here every day. It may be a link or a 5 minute reflection on something I’ve seen that day, or it may be a longer form blog post. As before, I’m keeping a blog garden of half completed ideas and posts and I’m also going to try and keep a reserve of finished posts held in draft so on a day when I really don’t have that five minutes, or my brain is completely frazzled, I can still publish something. I’ll post everything here, with some cross posted or adapted on StaffRm.

Today is day one. Let’s see how far we can go!

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