I have mostly been reading… (6)

A few things that stood out this evening when I reviewed the starred items in Feedly. The full list is at http://ihavemostlybeenreading.tumblr.com/. I just need to work out how to get StaffRm recommendations in there…

Want to share knowledge organisers?

Following some recent conversations about ‘knowledge organisers’, this post by James Theobald contains a link to a shared Google Drive where these are being crowd sourced. Both an interesting idea and a great way of sharing the load.

Ideas for Teaching Better. All In One Place.

Tom Sherringham’s blog is one of my ‘must-reads’. This is an excellent summary of his teaching posts from the last three years of blogging.

Self-esteem, Self-efficacy for Science, and Ability Grouping

There’s so much good stuff over on StaffRm I could do one of these posts dedicated to stuff posted over there alone. This from James Mannion is worth checking out both for the approach and the findings.

Scaffolding: what we can learn from the metaphor

I first saw David Didau talking about scaffolding in the video of his talk on Slow Writing at ReasearchED. This post develops some of those ideas a little further. It’s one of those things that sounds so obvious once you hear it – the thing about scaffolding is that you should have a plan for taking it down.

(Bonus David Didau – How to get assessment wrong – seriously this guy is producing an embarrassment of riches at the moment)

Should schools count the opportunity cost? (Spoiler: no)

While I still think the concept is a useful one to consider, this from James Mannion again (on his own blog this time) makes an interesting analysis of when a concept is taken too far.

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