What might Digital Literacy / Competence look like in terms of lessons? (day 8)

While we’re waiting to hear what the Welsh Government’s response will be to the Donaldson Report, it was noticeable how many companies were tweeting within 24 hours of the report’s publication that they could provide your school with a solution to ‘Digital Competence’. Best of luck to them, although you might want to ask them what this week’s lottery numbers are going to be as there is no official definition of what this will look like yet.

What we do have though is one of the resources created for schools in Wales by the South West Grid for Learning as part of the Hwb Project – the Digital Literacy Resource. This provides a series of outline lessons for each year group from reception to Yr 10 that cover 8 areas of ‘Digital Literacy’, each one with resources, and mapped back to the Literacy and Numeracy frameworks, the PSE and IT curriculum and suggestions for how you could use Hwb+ to deliver the lessons (although you could equally use J2E, Office 365 or another online tool of your choice).

You can find the resource via Hwb (either search for ‘Digital Literacy’ in the resource section or follow the links via the E-Safety Tab). Or you can click here to go direct!

The site contains downloadable pdfs and Word files for each year group.

If you’re either an IT coordinator or PSE coordinator in Wales and you haven’t had a look at these yet, get yourself over there now. If you know and IT Coordinator or PSE Coordinator send it to them quick sharp. It might save them so much time they can take you for a drink to say thanks!

Nb – A version for the English curriculum exists here

There are a number of other E-Safety tools and resources available to schools via Hwb, including the 360 Safe Cymru tool self review tool for schools. You can find them all by going to Hwb and clicking the E-Safety button.

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