Launching NetworkEdCymru

Several years ago I was lucky enough to be involved with a group of Welsh educators who started the #addcym hashtag and weekly chats on Twitter that focussed on Welsh education.

For various reasons, that petered out after a few years. I’m pleased to say that it looks as though a new group of educators in Wales is coming together to pick up that baton, with even more ambition that we had around #addcym.

One of the main reasons that tonight’s post is so short, is I’ve spent a chunk of time building the website for NetworkEdCymru. We’ve got our inaugural Twitter chat tomorrow morning at 9am, a series of blog posts in the work from teachers from across Wales, and the first of what will hope to prove to be a number of events coming up in April.

Keep an eye on the site, and the Twitter account for more news as it develops. And if you’ve liked to be involved in shaping it as it moves forward, please get in touch.

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