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A quick question for you.

We’ve been making growing use of videos posted to You Tube in classrooms, and many I’d like to share with students via our VLE (there’s far more good stuff out there than we’ve got time for). I’m wondering what the best way of going about this is…

I don’t particularly want to link directly, as many of the comments on videos are less than desirable and some of the ‘related videos’ are also not the kind of things I want to be drawing my students attention to. Some staff have taken to downloading clips, but I don’t want to upload these directly onto our server, partly for copyright reasons, and partly becuase it’ll hammer our bandwidth.

It seems to me that leaves me with the option to embed on a Moodle page (in which case should I create a ‘gallery’ of videos, or have one video per page?) or transfering the videos to another (safe) hosting site. The first is more time consuming, and static, the second may have copyright implications.

Do you make video available to students outside the classroom, and if you do, how do you do it?

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  1. A difficult one. I know many teachers grab YouTube videos and upload to the likes of TeacherTube, although that doesn’t solve the copyright issues. I’ve been known to grab and embed in our VLE – specifically so we can watch them in lessons – and the bandwidth issue hasn’t been a problem.

    Still not an entirely satisfactory solution though…

  2. We have clickview ( installed on our network and staff can have youtube content loaded onto that. We also have the ability to embed clickview videos into our VLE so that is one of our solutions. The other one is to encourage depts to buy an ipod and a cable to connect it to a IWB, then they can download youtube videos using tooble, put them on the ipod and play in school. This way the videos are not stored on network and easily transferable.

  3. Dan Moorehouse and I have experiences a few problems with Youtube, firstly with almost 250 videos on the Schoolhistory account we wanted to catagorize them, but this cannot be done. Secondly we have lost a number to copyright (Strange Fruit- billie Holiday). I suggested Fliggo to Dan a few months back but we have put it ion the shelf until we get some time. You could set up your own Youtube site, and ‘favorite’ other peoples you want to use, but you will still have the problem with comments. Regarding embedding I have blocked it for most of mine as I want it clear they are for education, thus most need to be played straight from my Youtube site as I keep an eye on the comments. I have in the past taken to downloading the video I want and simply posting it on the VLE as a file, linked to the activity it relates to, sometimes they are my videos sometimes they are others, it is a tricky one.
    The problem is that the copyright rules are largely ignored, it is a bit like speeding, it is ok whilst you get away with it, but you know it is wrong, in reality we should be showing students the video without the other links and comments, but at the moment this is not always possible.

  4. I embed youtube videos on self-hosted WordPress using the SmartYouTube plugin. It is very easy and it still allows video owners to have an element of control as there is the option of youtube channel owners to prevent embedding. I work with as many videos per post as required, although sometimes latency can become an issue (for me, if not for pupils!)
    For certain content, e.g. electricity topics, the resolution of youtube can be an issue as it does not always show circuit diagram lines clearly. In this case, I use Vimeo instead. Pupils have expressed a preference for the youtube player though.

  5. Huge thanks to you all. I’ll ponder this some more, and try out a few of your suggestions over the next couple of weeks :0)

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