It isn’t the technology. Please will you realise that?

If it is the technology, our education system is about to start hemorrhaging money and people in a world that it stands no chance of keeping up with.

It’s about the way we teach, and the system we create. It’s always been that, but now this new shiney techno-driven world 2.0 just makes it more obvious and pressing.

The technology is, and will always be, a tool that allows us to unshackle education from the industrial, fast food, “here’s another 100 things to remember for a test next week” system that we’ve inherited, and create something new, organic, useful and fit for purpose.

The reason we’re not isn’t the leaders don’t get technology, it’s that the vast majority of the leaders are the products of this broken system and are not willing to risk throwing themselves out with the bath water. They’ve got too much to lose.

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