The Missing Blog Posts: Pt 1 – Teachmeet SHP

I realised the other day that I’ve got a stack of posts that I thought I’d published that are actually still waiting to be finished. I’m going to try and get them out in the next few days. In this case I thought I’d already blogged this, but unless I’m going mad I can’t see it, so I think I must have tweeted the link, but not posted a copy here.

I couldn’t make the SHP conference this year, but was glad to be in virtual attendence for the first SHP Teachmeet [1. A teachmeet, for anyone who has never been, is a teaching ‘unconference’ in which audience members make either 2 or 7 minute presentations based on something they’ve been doing in their classrooms. More information can be found at], organised by Nick Dennis.

This was my 7 minutes, on using open ended, student-led projects in history.

Micro Presentation for Teachmeet at the SHP Conference ’10 from Dave Stacey on Vimeo.

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