Is it ‘Old Skool’ if it’s by email?

A couple of people on the school history forum have mentioned in the past about setting up online revision sessions via MSN for year 11 pupils during study leave. My problem is slightly different – 50 AS Level students with an exam on the 9th January and plenty of revision to do over Christmas and me with little confidence that many of them will put in the work they need to do as well as they can.

My solution? Every couple of days for the last week I’ve been emailing them with the ‘quickcheck’ questions from the textbook. I’m hoping that these will not only provide a reminder that among the festivities they should be revising, but also provide a framework for those that need it – if they can answer the questions I send them they should have a good basis for their exam.

I won’t know until next week how sucessful it’s been. One problem I can see is that I’ve been emailing their school email addresses, which I suspect may remain unchecked during the holiday. Still, if it helps one or two of them it will have been worthwhile!

Image Credit: 7321 by c.a.muller

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