Tweeting Historical Events

I watched with interest the twitter stream coming from @titanicrealtime– especially their use of hashtags to try and get a sense of the various perspectives of different people involved in the sailing and the accident.

This follows the innovative use of Twitter by the National Archives using the cabinet papers to tweet as the UK cabinet during WW2 – @ukwarcabinet

It got me thinking

1. Does anyone know of any others?

2. I quite like the idea of setting this up as a project for yr 9. I’ve sent them away to think about what events they could ‘live tweet’, but what else would you like to see given this treatment?

1 thought on “Tweeting Historical Events

  1. Stumbled across your post whilst looking for something else… An example of a local archives doing something similar – @WR_ARP – tweeting Air Raid Precautions incidents in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

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