Badges update

Last term I spoke at the Teachnocamps Bring and Brag about an idea I’d had to move the KS3 ICT lessons into an Open Badges style environment, where students where free to work through tasks and earn badges as they went. It was agreed with managers that we’d trial the idea with yr 7, but it became clear from meetings with the staff who would be delivering that there were a number of issues they had concerns with, including tracking and monitoring, the role of the teacher and whether students would find some of the tasks I had sketch out interesting enough.

So, for now we’re delivering a more traditional project based curriculum for the first term. I’m hopeful that at that point we can start getting some of the classes (including mine) onto some kind of trial curriculum.

When I read about what Mark Clarkson is up to it makes me even more determind

So, to everyone that’s asked me on Twitter how it’s getting on – slower than I hoped, but it is coming, and hopefully even better for being the product of several brains rather than just mine!

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