E-learning coordinator

Despite having some reservations about wanting to take on anything that took my focus away from the classroom, I am now the school’s E-learning coordinator. Part of my role will be organising CPD for those staff who have identified ICT as a performance management target.

Rather than providing traditional ‘stand at the front, here’s how it works’ style training I’ve got a couple of different ideas planned

1. Spend the time playing – as a profession we are hugely time poor. I want people to have time to experiment with the tools they have decided to work with and find ways to make them work for them

2. Support them online – I’m expecting between 6 and 10 different workshops. I couldn’t support those in person and do anything approaching a good job. So the plan is to load resources, guides and links on to Moodle pages and have staff work together to find the answers to their problems. You know, just ilke we do with the students now! I’ve created this e-learning site with Google Sites as a front page for it all. If I had more time I’d probably use WordPress, but the one thing I don’t have right now is time, so this will do for now!

3. Get them to share what they find. This is likely to be the hard bit to do, but I’m hoping that at least at the end (and perhaps even during) I can get staff contribution to a blog outline what they hoped to achieved and how they got there. Culturally I think this is going to be the hardest sell, but I’m convinced it’s worth it

Out first training session is towards the end of October. I’ll report back on how it goes!

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