Joining the dots in my crystal ball – Using Open Badges to accredit Digital Literacies with Hwb

Some thoughts…

1. I commented on one of the things that impressed me most about the plans for Hwb was how it joined the dots between a number of existing plans and technologies.

2. The previous week the National Qualifications Review recommended that:

R28  The Welsh Government should work with awarding organisations and stakeholders to develop a new Essential Skills Wales qualification in digital literacy to replace the current Essential Skills Wales in ICT, with a revised assessment method.

3. The go-to guy in my PLN when it comes to digital literacy (or, as he would tell you, digital literacies) is Doug Belshaw.

4. Doug now works for Mozilla on their Open Badges project

5. (One of) the problem (s) with old ICT ESW qualification was (is) that it assumed all students should be able to complete the same (fairly narrow) tasks to the same standard.



How about a new qualification in digital literacies, developed with Mozilla, that utilizes the idea of Open Badges to accredit what students actually do, with Hwb+ becoming an Open Badges displayer for students across Wales?

From there all kinds of things could grow, but as a first step this seems very achievable, and a vast improvement on trying to take something with a huge number of possibilities in a very fast moving field and trying to shove it into a GCSE shapes hole.

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