Happy New Year – Back to the blog

Maybe I should just create a new category of posts that relate to starting back to blogging after a period of absence. They’d probably soon grow to the be largest group though!

So. New Year. Restarting the blog. Again.

I’ve got a pile of resolutions, but over the next few weeks I’m going to be sorting out the resources section here (the links are all currently dead) as well as getting a whole pile of posts out of my head and on to the screen.

There are a whole host of reasons why the blogging dried up. The biggest one was probably time, but with my current secondment to the Hwb team, I’ve got more time for both thinking and blogging. Another big reason was related to the huge explosion in UK teacher blogging over the last 18 months. The growth in high quality blogs has made me want to up my game, but a growth in robust discussion has also given me pause to stop and reassess some of my core beliefs about education. There were also times when the level of ‘dialogue’ was such that I had no desire to stick my head above the parapet. I’m not sure whether things are more civil now, or I’m just ignoring people who’s manners I find problematical, but my mental block seems to have lifted. At least for now.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year – Back to the blog

  1. Mr. Stacey,
    You have inspired me to get back to blogging! It is a nice way to reflect and share with interested teachers around Wales and around the world.

    Siobhan 🙂

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