Half time reflections – #28daysofwriting

After a fairly successful first week in terms of keeping up with the target of writing for 28 minutes each day, this last week has been less successful.

For various reasons I’ve chosen to prioritise other things over the writing. Some of these have been work related – wanting to get things done before the following day. Others have been family related.

Looking back over the last week all the reasons that fall into the former group in hindsight I think I got wrong. None of them were actually that important. Some could have been delayed others could have been passed to other members of the team. I probably could and should have found 28 minutes to write. All the time I chose to not write and spend time with the family I think I got right.

One of the things that interested me in Tom’s original pitch was the idea that over 28 days you might for a habit that continues beyond the duration of this month. I wonder if that’s easier if you find a slot to write in that stays the same each day? I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences.

This week is half term, so I’m going to have a go at writing once I get up. I know it’s probably not sustainable beyond this week (mornings have never been my strong point!), but it will make an interesting comparison. I’m also going to take advantage of (theoretically) having more time to try and catch up on posts. I’m still aiming to complete 28 posts by the end of the month, but that will involve double posting on some days.

I think I also got a bit hung up on my content. For this month at least I need to make sure I just write and publish. The extent to which I’m really happy with the result will be most likely reflected in the amount of additional publicity I give the final piece, rather than whether I hit publish or not. I’m not sure to what extent I’ll carry this approach beyond this month, but it’s something I’ll be pondering over the next couple of weeks.

Let’s try and make the second half more fruitful than the tail end of the first!

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