I first heard about StaffRm at TMBETT, and this month I’ve begun to notice many of the links tagged with #28daysofwriting linked back to the site.

The site seems to be a halfway house between Twitter and a blog – there are still limits on posts (500 words) and much of the functionality in terms of following and community building has come over from Twitter, but obviously the content is much longer.

I had (have) some concerns about the locked down nature of the platform (there’s no RSS feeds for example), but it’s still early days, and new features have already been added since the first version, so I’m crossing my fingers that this is something that might be addressed in the future. In the short term at least, the sense of community that is developing, especially around people commenting on each others posts, is enough to make me think it’s worth investing some time in.

Like David Rogers and others, I’m trying to work out the relationship between my blog over there and this space. For now I’m just cross posting a few of the posts from here over to there.

If you’re looking for a place to start sharing ideas beyond 140 characters then I’d really recommend you check it out.

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