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Image Credit: Addcym Logo by Bev Evans

A few years ago I was invited to join with a group of other teachers from Wales who were using Twitter to help set up #addcym – a weekly twitter chat for those with an interest in Welsh Education (‘addcym’ being short for Addysg Cymru – Learning Wales) [1. The story goes it was supposed to be called ‘WelshEd’ but there was already a ‘Welsh Ed’ on Twitter, so the search for a name moved on]

We ran as #UKEdchat’s little Welsh cousin for a couple of years, picking up some interest, generating some interesting discussions and making some great connections with other educators. However, last academic year it became harder to keep going and we went into hiatus in July. I’ve mentioned to a few people about trying to restart it, perhaps as a monthly chat, to generally positive responses, but this evening two things have kicked me into gear.

The first is the announcement that tomorrow we can expect the publication of Graham Donaldon’s Review into the Curriculum in Wales. The second was this tweet.

Given that #28daysofwriting is all about getting on with it, rather than waiting for the ‘perfect moment’, I’m going to take it upon myself to apply the defibrillator to #addcym and try and get it going again. So…

#addcym Tues 3rd March 8-9pm – discussing the Donaldson Report

Then monthly on the first Tuesday of the month.

I know that there’s a growing number of teachers from Wales on Twitter, and anecdotally I know of several who would follow the chats, but didn’t want to join in themselves. It would be great if we could get as many views as we can being shared on Tuesday evening.

Search for #addcym on Twitter, and add it to your own tweets to join the conversation. See you online on Tuesday!

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