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This page has been updated with new links. All the resources here are now hosted in Google Drive. Many of the resources here are also available from the Hwb Community as well.

Although in the last few years I’ve been producing less and less in the way of original lesson content, I’ve still got various things I’ve created over the years that may be of use to other teachers.

All items here are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. That means you are free to take them, use them, adapt them as you see fit, with the exception of for commercial use. If you’d like to make commercial use of anything here, please contact me first! If you do adapt them in any way, I’d love to hear about it.

Some of these things are old. They’re not posted here because I think they’re great (if I was using several of these I’d probably give them a bit of an overhaul first), but because you may be able to adapt them into something better, or at least something that might save you some time.


Classroom posters

Quote posters (inspired by the ones made by Doug Belshaw) – pdf

Key skills in History posters (bilingual) – pdf | ppt

5m Timelinepdf | pub

How am I doing? Large poster with a list of expectations for written work – pdfNumbers

New classroom posters (including questions, sourcework and SOLO) – pdf | Keynote

Revision advicepdf | pages


General Resources

6 Hats – ppt introduction to the 6 thinking hats – ppt

Who am I? – sheets adapted from one developed by Dan Meyer for a start of year / getting to know you activity. As posted on the excellent ‘first day’ wikiwith text (png) | no text (png)

Marking feedback stickers / sheets KS3 (doc) / KS4 (doc) – The KS3 ones were intended to be highlighted – one colour for things done well and a second for a target. The KS4 ones were ‘power bars’, indicating how fully a student had demonstrated a particular skill.

Year 7 History

Chronology – Ppt introducing Yr 7 to the ideas behind Chronology. Will need updating each year to include current years from range of calendars. I use wikipedia! – ppt

Chronology cards – Cards with events from the 5m timeline above, along with a lesson plan with a few ideas for how to use them.Zip file

Sources – Ppt introducing Yr 7 to sources –  ppt

Gerald of Wales – Two powerpoints to bookend the Max Boyce narrated cartoon. The first one sets the scene and asks pupils to use a statue of Gerald to make some inferences about him. The second is a quiz based on information from the cartoon. zip file

How did the Normans change Wales? – Worksheet – Word Doc

Welsh Castles – Facts and Inferences – Using Welsh Castles Top Trumps, students create a map and a timeline and from there develop their own hypothesis about castle building in Wales. This is tested by the next lesson (Walkthrough below) – zip file

Why is Llewyelyn called the ‘Last Prince of Wales’ – or – 1282 (Ian Dawson Style!) – Inspired by the fantastic walk through activities on Ian Dawson’s ‘Thinking History’ website, this is the script for my attempt at a walkthough of the events of the Edwardian Conquest. Rubber Duck is optional. Pdf

Why did Edward I win? – A follow up lesson to the walk through (above) – pdf

Year 8 History

We’ve killed the king – what do we do now? – Decision making powerpoint taking students through the events of the post Civil War years. Students have to make decisions at key points and justify their choices based on knowledge of the period. Makes a great way to a discussion about why particular actions were taken. Ppt

Puritan Life – Ppt and jigsaw activity looking at life under the Puritans. Series of puzzles, followed by information, followed by an activity where students recreate a Puritan woodcarving showing different activities they approved / disapproved of. Nb. I haven’t used this for the last few years, so Slide 11 will need updatingPpt

The World Turn Upside Down – Originally developed with Nick Dennis, I can no longer remember which of these ideas and resources were his and which were mine, so I’m posting them all! Various activities spinning off from an analysis of the song ‘The World Turn Upside Down’ about the Diggers commune established in 1649. Includes a Quick on the draw and information sheets about various other groups from the time for students to write their own songs. The idea was that we wanted the students to get a sense of just how much the rules of social norms had been torn up by the Civil War and some of the ideas that emerged. Zip file

Mary Queen of Scots – A topic we no longer do in such depth, none the less there are some resources here including
A worksheet introducing Mary Queen of Scots with various activities
A sheet with various quotes about Mary (useful for various interpretations exercises)
A one-sided newspaper task sheet and evaluation form
A decision making activity adapted from this activity by Alan Kelly
Zip file

Year 9 History

Outbreak of WW1
Animated ppt showing the steps up to the outbreak of war – ppt
Extended ppt with starter and cause cards (arranged using MAIN acronym )- ppt
Cards for the above ppt – Word Doc

A Level History

The vast majority of the stuff I produced for A Level teaching was so heavily based on materials I got from other teachers, I don’t feel I can post them here.

The one exception would be a Prezi I made as a summary of Gladstone and Ireland, including background back to 1801. (Link) It was my early days of using Prezi, and if I’m honest, it would probably have been better as a Word document!

AS Sociology

I taught the ‘Education’ topic for AS Level Sociology a few years aho. Most of it was textbook based, but I did produce a ‘Quiz Quiz Trade’ as a revision activity (doc) and a summary of current (up to April 2012) education policy (pages doc | pdf)


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