Ten things #8 – No hands up

This is the eighth of the ‘ten things’ I discussed in my talk at TMClevedon — This was one I’d read about but wasn’t much taken with, until I saw the Classroom Experiment. And what I saw in those classrooms, with one or two students dominating, suddenly looked dangerously like my classroom. So, I’m going back […]

Should we just say ‘well done’

I suspect that one of the changes in technique in recent years that has had the biggest impact on student achievement is a move away from ‘grading’ a piece of work to providing feedback – a key component of which is a target for how to improve. The adoption of this practice has (should have?) […]

Marking stickers

In our dept we’ve been looking at various ways of making peer and self assessment more meaningful and at the same time helping to speed up the time it takes us to mark students books at KS3. We’ve been experimenting with various forms of comment stickers, and I thought it would be useful to share […]