If it were my home (day 4)

One of the ways I’m going to be able sustain this posting-every-day malarky is to have blog posts sharing links to online tools and resources that I either use myself, or have seen recommended.

If it were my home comes via the excellent ‘Free Technology 4 Teachers’ blog maintained by Richard Byrne. The site allows you to compare two countries on a variety of measures, but what makes it stand out is the personal language it used to describe the comparisons.

Wales isn’t mentioned separately, but if I compare the UK to Mali (picked at random) I find that..

Mali vs UK

It also provides a map showing the size of one country overlaid onto the other


I haven’t used this site in any detail (there are options to compare disaster impacts as well as discuss with other user which country you would rather live in and why), but it looks likes one that might be worth exploring. It strikes me as being a very user friendly way of bringing the reality of life in different countries into the classroom for a range of ages as well as presenting lots of chances for ESDGC and numeracy.


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