Less surfing, more digging

While the huge increase of the number of blogging teachers over the last few years is brilliant, I’ve become aware that much of what’s gets written is largely washing over me. I’ll tweet a few links, note a few ideas, but I’ve largely been surfing on a wave of other people’s ideas.

One the features I loved in Google Reader was the ability to search back through posts you’d bookmarked. In an attempt to regain that functionality, and to allow me to dig down into the goldmine of blog posts from the last few years I’ve just created a Google Custom Search. It’s a bit rough and ready for now – I’ve just dropped in the list of blogs I subscribe to, many of which are long dead (anyone else remember posterous?!). However it’s a good start and it’s allowed me to go back and find some really useful posts that may be a few years old, but have been helpful in shaping my thinking.

You can use this custom engine here. I’ll do some more tweeking with it next week, and maybe even embed it in this site too. But in the mean time the ability to create your own is available to anyone with a Google account, but seems to be one of the lesser known features.

Image credit: Dig byMatt MacGillivray. CC Licensed on Flickr.com

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