All vote now…

A couple of quick body smart ideas when it comes to getting feedback on an issue after a debate or discussion with a class. They both use the principle of the students using their location in the classroom to show their opinions on a particular issue.Four corners

Students move to one of the corners to show their choice of one of four options. They can then share their ideas about why they chose that option, before you pick on a couple of people from each group to explain their views.
If having a whole class on their feet wouldn’t work for you, then put students in groups first and get one person to vote on behalf of the group.


Especially useful with older students when you’re getting them to think about conclusions. The width of the room becomes a continuum with strongly agree on one side and strongly disagree on the other. Give them a statement and they have to move to show their views. They can’t stand the in the middle of the room, although they use the full width to show how strongly they agree or disagree. Again, you can then pick on people, get them to justify their views, or pit one side of the room against the other.

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