Marking stickers

In our dept we’ve been looking at various ways of making peer and self assessment more meaningful and at the same time helping to speed up the time it takes us to mark students books at KS3. We’ve been experimenting with various forms of comment stickers, and I thought it would be useful to share my current version [1. I fully expect this to change again, probably developing the third section in some way]

I use this list in three ways.

  1. I’ve got them printed out on small pieces of paper which can be glued into students books and used by me or them to comment on how things are going on. Rather than a tick box exercise, we use the 2 stars and a wish approach (although we use the whole school terms of ‘What Went Well’ and ‘Even Better If’.
  2. If we’re doing some reflection, perhaps updating students learning goals, I’ll project the list and get them to select two things they think they’re doing well and one thing that will become their next target
  3. I’ve just turned the list into an A2 poster which will go at the front of my room, next to my giant copy of Bloom’s Taxonomy



Date & Title underlined

Legible writing

Book kept tidy

Pens, pencils, rulers used in the right places

Use of colour in notes

Work finished and up to date


Capital Letters

Spelling of subject words

General spelling


Written work

Answers in full sentences

Facts / figures / dates used in answers

Level of detail in answers

Quotes from sources

Explaining your points


Do you use anything similar? How could list be improved? Let me know in the comments!

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