My next big problem?

I’ve just been bookmarking a few links to diigo and delicious and written the following in the notes section about this post from Ewan:

My next big problem (wrong word?) is how to do this kind of stuff inside a school that’s moving very slowly or not at all in this direction. I’m all for being disruptive, but what happens to those students who get taught by me in a student-centered, project based way if they then move on to someone who has a more teacher centered approach the following year?

Once I’d posted I realised it sounded more like a blog post than notes for a bookmark, so I thought I’d add it here and ask for your thoughts. How do you square the circle of wanting to move to a more studentĀ centeredĀ / project based approach if the rest of school isn’t going that fast (or even in that direction?) What have you done? What have you chosen not to do? I think I need to kick this one around with a few people!

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