Rebooting my teaching – index

My original plan had been to drip feed these posts out.¬†Originally¬†last week, then next. But who am I kidding? Something will happen and I’ll be sat here next week with them still in draft. So, they’re all out, and linked in below, as well as some other resources I’m building as I go. This post will serve as an index and a place I can direct people to in one link.

I’ll (hopefully) be blogging loads more short evaluative posts over the next few weeks.

Rebooting my teaching: An intro

Rebooting my teaching: Why?

Rebooting my teaching: How?

Rebooting my teaching: What

Links tagged with ‘Reboot’ at delicious and diigo (mirrored on both services)

Google Doc ‘sketchpad’ of ideas¬†(Nb – I’m using the new ‘anyone can comment’ feature in G Docs. Please feel free to do so)


Edited to add: All relevant future posts will be tagged with ‘Reboot’. You can view them here


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