Rebooting Review – Term One

This year I’ve been trying to ‘reboot’ my teaching with a more project / inquiry based approach.
This is another of those posts I’ve been meaning to write since the Oct half term, and in fact several draft existed, but I rejected either for being overly naval gazing or too glib.

Now, with a little more distance, how do I think I’ve done?


The most ‘different’ units have gone down the best, and that’s pleasing. It was also interesting to see from the students evaluations that little of this is going on elsewhere in the curriculum (or at least, that they’re aware of). I think I was expecting to find more.

Log books are starting to work. They got largely ignored in the first half term, but I’m starting to find them a useful way of regularly recapping (and hopefully consolidating) students learning

Online – Blog and Edmodo have gone down well. Blog in particular for KS3 students. Put together a quick 3 minute video reminder of how to write a recent essay for Yr 7 and got a very positive response, so will try more of this if I can.


I wish I’d set myself some success criteria – how do I know how well I’ve been doing if I didn’t know exactly what I wanted? – Something to come back to perhaps.

Online – Blog needs a new theme to better show off student work. And I need to get better and putting it up there. I also need to make sure I don’t slip out of the habit of posting the homework during the lesson. Leaving it until afterwards is almost always a recipe for disaster!

Merits – I’ve never been a massive fan of an system that promotes extrinsic motivation, but one my year 7 classes did bang me to right on the last week of term for more awarding enough merits. One of my targets for this half term.

I’ve got a few good ideas for projects for next term, around the idea of infographics. I also want to explore the idea of the SOLO taxonomy, but that might be one thing too many at this point – maybe one to come back to in the third term.

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