#TMSWWales2 – 5 ideas I’ve stolen!

Last week I grabbed a train after school and hopped over to Dyffryn Taf school in Whitland for another Teachmeet organized by Rosie Davies.

Among other things, I learned about the ability to plot graphs onto Google Earth using a tool called GE-Graph (Windows only), the idea of creating an ’emotional map’ of a school to plot where pupils feel safest ( and least safe). We saw an excellent video created by a group of pupils trying to win themselves a pile of Lego kit. I also saw the LNF being used as a framework for AfL, which is something I may return to in a future post.

I spoke on 5 quick ideas that I’d got for various people via Twitter or Teachmeets. You can find my slides below.

Thanks to Rosie for organising, and to everyone who spoke and shared an idea!

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