Should we start comment coding our teaching resources? (5)

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Flicking through Twitter this evening I saw a cartoon linking to this article about the importance of adding comments to code.

If you’ve never tried a bit of coding yourself, one of the options when writing code is to add comments for others who may look at the code, but which will be ignored by the computer. A thought occurred to me that perhaps it would be useful to have teachers add their thoughts and ideas to their resources – not to be read by the class, but to explain their thinking to other teachers who might be then using those resources. Especially as we encourage teachers to share their resources via Hwb.

Powerpoint has an obvious feature in the ‘notes’, but I guess an extra sheet could be added in Word (the comments feature may confuse people who aren’t used to using it).

I’m planning on going through my old resources over the next few days to update the resources section here, so I might try and give it a go…

Image credit: Twitterank Disclaimer Comments by theritters. CC Licensed on Flickr.

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