Fall of a bike. Get straight back on

So I broke the chain. Ten posts in, but last night, having been away all week, I just couldn’t bring myself to get off the sofa and open the laptop. So, I’ll start the count again and see if I can make it beyond ten this time.

What I have learned over the last ten posts?

1. I need to have some ‘spare’ posts ready to go for nights like last night. I’ve got half finished things, but I need a bank I can just copy, paste and publish.

2. It’s easier to keep up the blog if I’m also keeping up to date with my feedly account. Other people’s blogs give me ideas for posts of my own or links I can share.

3. I need to do a better job of turning my own ideas for posts into actual posts. Lots of what I’ve posted in the last ten posts have been links to other content. That’s useful, but as a proportion of posts that’s probably a little higher than I’d like it. I’ve got a Google Doc full of first sentences and badly written paragraphs. I need to develop some of those.

4. When I started blogging, I was blogging for me. While that’s still true I think I’m getting a better sense of blogging for a reader. That’s certainly true in terms of links I’m sharing, and watching the graph of hits and the retweets come in provide a sense that it worth doing this, not just for me but because someone else gets from this what I get from some of the blogs I read.

5. I should consider doing more list blog posts.


Image credit: Juan Cortez – CC Licensed on Flickr.com

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