Launching NetworkEdCymru

Several years ago I was lucky enough to be involved with a group of Welsh educators who started the #addcym hashtag and weekly chats on Twitter that focussed on Welsh education. For various reasons, that petered out after a few years. I’m pleased to say that it looks as though a new group of educators […]

Another 28 days of writing

When I started my teaching career I quickly found huge benefit from being part of the online history teaching community that made up the forums at the website. The idea that I could not only ask questions of a range of excellent teachers in a variety of settings but also put up my own […]

Move in progress

Quick warning – the blog is in the process of moving servers ahead some new posts* As a result, several posts are missing images, and a few of the pages aren’t working. Normal service will be resumed shortly…     *Yes, I know I said that last time, but I’ve already got some of them […]

Dusting off the blog, and setting myself a challenge

After half a term back in the classroom I’m going to have a go and resurrecting the blog. Half term week saw me finally catch up with all the blogs in my feedly account, and I’ve got a few things I’m keen to start writing about. So, knowing that the best laid plans of mice […]


Teachmeets have been a part of the ‘fringe’ of the Schools History Project (SHP) Conference for several years now, but this year I decided to try something a little different. Inspired in part by Ewan McIntosh’s account of the early Teachmeets and the rules that had been lost along the way (including the ‘No Powerpoint’ […]

#TMHistoryIcons – Reflections

Yesterday I joined a room full of other history teachers who had come from far and wide (including Romania!) for the first #TMHistoryIcons – A day long event focussed on sharing ideas around the teaching of the best subject on the timetable! While not a typical Teachmeet (and it’s becoming harder to say what one […]

Computational Thinking and History (Part 1)

Over the summer I started Google’s ‘Computational Thinking for Educators‘ course. With the deadline for the final project submission looming, I’ve been reviewing what I wrote and putting the finishing touches to my final project, which I’ll post tomorrow. If you’re not sure what ‘Computational Thinking’ is, it’s a set of thinking tools to allow […]