Day 2 – posting from my mobile

I’m sat in the swimming pool changing room with child 2, while child 1 swims. It struck me that one of the ways I might find some spare minutes here and there is to make use of the mobile WordPress app. Downloaded, installed, logged in and here we go…

I’ve found myself increasingly using mobile to take notes at meetings and conferences, and while my thumbs struggle with sustained use, it’s something I’m increasingly finding quite useful. As phones have become powerful to handle easy switching between apps, this too has increased what I can do.

I’m currently typing this on my Honor 9, which I’ve had for about 6 months now, and stands out as an excellent phone. I bought it primarily for the reviews of the camera, but it’s handled everything I’ve thrown at it without stuttering or having the occasional wobble which is more than be said for the last LG I had.

In an attempt to make this post vaguely useful, I think it’s going to become one of those ‘how I use’ kind of posts. Herefollows a list of my favourite apps. In no particular order, here we go…

Waze – great for getting around on school visits, with additional hilarity at the attempts to pronounce Welsh road names. That said, the fact there is a welsh language pack adds extra brownie points in the Stacey household.

Podkicker – probably the only thing I miss about Apple products is the syncing of podcasts between phone and computer. If anyone knows of a decent android equivalent, I’d love to hear about it

Google Calendar. – while I’m largely stuck using Outlook for work emails, G Calendar handles the integration of multiple calendars better in my view.

Google Drive – if I absolute have to use to Word App I will, but for firing up and getting quick ideas down, Drive + Docs can’t be beaten in my view.

Google Keep – I still haven’t found the perfect to do system that I had when all my work stuff was on Google, this is proving a useful addition to the ‘try to keep Dave organised’ crusade. I’m currently experimenting with Trello again, although I’m not a big fan of the widgets.

Twitter – while I still tend to use Tweet deck on my browser to better access various lists, in recent months I’ve found the Twitter app increasingly useful at surfacing useful content from the fire hose of noise that is my unfiltered twitter stream.

Feedly – I’m still mourning the death of Google Reader, but this is my favourite of all the alternatives I’ve tried. Lack of offline reading has been an issue in the past, for which I’ve found FeedMe to be an alright alternative.

Any ‘must haves’ that you think I’m missing?

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