8 Way Thinking

A great idea from Ian Gilbert via the Independent Thinking website.

8 Way thinking takes Gardner’s MIs and creates a thinking scaffolding based around:

  1. Numbers
  2. Words
  3. People
  4. Feelings
  5. Nature
  6. Actions
  7. Sounds
  8. Sights

So, in the example quoted on the website, if the topic being studied was beer, students might come up with:

  1. How much beer is drunk in the UK each Friday night?
  2. Where does the word ‘beer’ come from?
  3. Who invented beer and why?
  4. What sort of emotions do advertisers try and associate with beer in their marketing?
  5. What are the natural ingredients of beer and where are they grown?
  6. What are the various stages in the beer-making process?
  7. What songs have been written about beer and its effects?
  8. In TV and magazine advertising, how is beer portrayed?

Webpage includes an ‘8 way thinking planning wheel’.

Image Credit: kayveeinc on Flickr

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