Google Apps tricks and tips

The following are a couple of tricks I’ve discovered in managing our Google Apps account. I’m blogging them here partly so I know I can find them next time I need them, and partly in case anyone else finds them useful.

1. Get a full userlist

From: JLee posting at

It looks like, for whatever reason, the .CSV link disappears when you create more than 30 users in your domain.  However, you should still be able to download the file by logging into the Control Panel and then manually entering the URL:    (replace both entries with your actual domain name and replace 20090527 with today’s actual date).

2. Doing more complex tasks

Download and install the fantastic Goggle Apps Manager –

Nb – I discovered this while trying to work out a way to delete a large number of users. There are instructions here on how to do this with GAM, but I couldn’t get the python version to work and my knowledge of python is non existent, so I just waded in and did it by hand. If you’ve got a PC (or just if you can get it to work), then it might be worth trying this out.

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